Custom Lizard Skins grips!

Just arrived – our custom Lizard Skins lock-on grips. We’ve got the Northshore and Peaty models in, for small and large hands, with ODI collars and hardware, Lizard Skins patterns. Choice of black, blue and grey grips, and black, red, silver and green collars.


$25 a pair, and you won’t forgot the shop name!



Custom lockrings:



Good luck to everyone racing the Scott 24hr this weekend!

Taming bike-dom

Can we tame bike-dom? Plenty of work to do at Monkey Wrench this month. Local commuter bikes, plus high-end equipment from the entire Canberra region.

Our next lots of slatwall are now up, with more hanging space for Parts and Accessories. Next fitout project is the tyre and tube display stand, characteristically DIY.

It seems that we’ve tapped into a strange club of Cannondale Lefty owners and are getting plenty of work doing maintenance and repairs on the one-legged beasts.Image