Cool Tools series, part 1

Over the years fixing bikes we’ve come across some tools which, for some reason, we just like. Some are particularly efficient at what they do, some are simple, some are elegantly made, some are all of these things. We’ve pulled a few cool tools off the racks and out of the cupboards to give them some recognition.

The first in this series has been around for a while, Joel bought this one about 10 years ago and it’s still going strong.

The Chris King hub service kit is needed to extract or install bearings into Chris King hubs, as well as removing the ringdrive freewheel mechanism and the bearing stack from the driveshell. It’s also beautifully made and great to use.

The kit laid out:


The expanding split ring assembly and knurled ring assembly mounted to the T-Handle ready to remove a bearing:


Next time, all about shaft clamp sets.