New stock – grips, helmets, lubes, cleaners

We’ve been stocking up on some new stuff over the last few months and have been very impressed with how colourful everything looks!

New kids’ helmets from Limar, many sizes and models, and heaps of different colour and designs for even the most discerning kids.

Kids helmet stand

Weldtite make some great lubes and cleaners for bikes, including some powerful citrus degreaser, the fantastic (in moderation) TF2 Teflon spray lube, Teflon grease, Bike wash spray and various brushes. We also keep Triflow lube for chains, cables and pivots, and Rock’n’Roll wax lubes.

Weldtite stand

Also in and very colourful, grips and bar tape. We’ve got a substantial range of ESI grips in black and various colours, BMX grips, Salsa bar tape, Lizard skins DSP racing tape (very grippy, very comfortable), Ergon grips, and our Lizard skins Peaty and Northshore grips with custom coloured collars are back in as well.

Grips stand

Have fun!